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April 11, 2012

Youth and Comunity Service

Youth and Comunity Service
Community service is an activity that utilizes science in an effort to contribute for the betterment of society. Understanding of the philosophical community service can actually be grown and developed in accordance with the perception and depends on the dimensions of space and time. Youth is the director of the changes that have to provide benefits to the people around him. Youth must be a pioneer in the community. Youth should be a problem solver not a problem in society.
Community service for young people today is important because it can provide confidence to the elders that the youth would not be a problem but it could be a problem solver and even became the director of changes in society. Youth service to the community may be the application of their scientific fields, such as fisheries students who provide counseling to the public, medical students who provide free medical treatment.
Devotion to the youth in the community currently lacking in because at this young man could not be received by the public, because there are many assumptions that the boy was still immature and still in the view of one eye.. This deficiency resulted in the trust old people against young people. So now the youth should provide services and dedication to the community.
Youth community service can be done in various ways such as Down to the affected areas is a real action to the community youth.. Nowadays young people are always in view can not do anything against the people. Youth who fell into the disaster area is a form of action. Given these youth to volunteer is expected to help the affected communities.
When disaster strikes many volunteers who helped and a lot of that comes from youth. With the decline in young people in the affected area can help the victims and apply their results to the community college. Youth volunteers must have the capability in handling the disaster do not let them go there do not contribute anything. Youth is a young personnel is needed in disaster areas because youth is the personnel who work selflessly. Youth volunteering is their real actions to community care for Indonesia.
Many other things can be done not only young people but when people volunteer to do service projects around the youth in the area who lend a hand instead of the old people. Current community service could be one form of service to the community because community service can make a container for the youth to give credence to the old people. Is the smallest scope of community service in the community because community service is usually carried on in each RT.
Therefore community service for youth is very important. Could provide experience for young people, apply knowledge that has been in the can in college. Community service can also foster a sense of social and sensitive to the surrounding environment.. Thus the youth not only learn but also have to provide service and community service around that level of confidence of youth in the eyes of the older people do not become the cause of the problem but it could be a problem even be a change maker in a society that is still many shortcomings in the application areas in the community.

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